Harrisonville Telephone Company HTC Advanced WiFi App

Tired of worrying about what your kids can see in the online world? We get it. That’s why HTC has an advanced WiFi app with better security features like parental controls and monitoring abilities. By simply pushing a few buttons on your phone, you’ll gain peace of mind that everyone in your home is safer while surfing.


Rest Easy: More Parental Control and Security with the Advanced WiFi App


Customize Your Home’s WiFi

Imagine not having to wonder what the teens are watching after you head to bed. With HTC Advanced Wifi, you can designate which videos are safe for kids to stream, what type of content they can receive, set time limits to their Internet usage, and even pause the Internet all together.


Monitor Security Threats

It’s scary enough to wonder what kind of content is coming through kids’ devices. The last thing you need to worry about are viruses and malware. Through our app’s security dashboard, powered by ProtectIQ™, you can see which threats, intrusions, and viruses are being blocked on each device.


Prioritize Internet Use

It’s always frustrating when your screen keeps freezing while on a Zoom call with work. Since a big part of that problem is from other devices in your home sucking up bandwidth, we’ve made it possible for you to control which devices and activities are most important. MyPriorities, powered by ExperienceIQ™ allows you to set your work computer above gaming systems and tablets in your home, bringing you peace of mind that you’ll always keep a strong connection during crucial meetings.


Stop Worrying About WiFi Safety. Download HTC’s App Today.

There’s no reason to keep checking your kids’ phones or losing sleep over what they’re watching. With HTC’s Advanced WiFi App, you can rest easy that everyone on your home’s Internet is safe, secure, and only seeing what’s age appropriate. Download our app now, or call us at 618-939-6112 for more information.


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