Earth Day is a day to celebrate how we’re all connected on this planet. Each year since Earth Day’s inception in 1970, people around the world have demonstrated ways to show concern for our environment, from hosting recycling events to planting trees. HTC cares about the Earth and would love to show you how the digital services that help you stay connected to family, friends, customers and employees can also be great for our planet.


How Digital Services Protect the Earth

Using our Internet and phone service at home and at work can greatly reduce your carbon footprint!

  • Saving trees and reducing trash. Digital document management reduces the paper that fills landfills each year. Use your home HTC Internet service to pay bills online instead of wasting envelopes in the mail, and use HTC business Internet to store all of your important digital files in the Cloud instead of printing hundreds of documents on paper.
  • Cutting down on ozone emissions. With a dependable Internet connection and business phone service, it’s possible to do important work tasks without always having to drive to an office every day. From conducting a meeting via glitch-free video conferencing, to uploading and downloading large files via e-mail, to talking to job candidates over the phone, HTC lets you accomplish everything you need to succeed in your career while reducing pollution to our planet.
  • Eliminating the need for onsite technical help. While HTC technicians are always just around the corner when you need help with phone or Internet service, our Managed Wi-Fi plan allows us to fix your Internet problems from our office – which means we don’t have to fill up our gas tanks to get there!


Supporting Local Businesses is Better for Our Planet

When you use service providers that don’t need to travel across multiple cities, it reduces carbon emissions from delivery and service vehicles. It also puts money back into our community, where it’s invested in green space and parks – which are great for the environment! When you choose HTC, we not only appreciate that you’re choosing a company that has supported the local economy for over a century, but we also appreciate that you’re doing what’s best for the Earth!