HTC TV Now Streaming Harrisonville Telephone Company

Now that chilly nights have settled in, why not gather around the campfire and watch a family movie? Just use HTC TV Now to stream your favorite channels to your preferred Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire device!


HTC TV Now Streaming from All Your Devices

How do I watch HTC TV Now from anywhere?

Simply head to the app store on your device and install the HTC TV Now app. Once it’s launched, you’ll enter your login information we provided when you subscribed to HTC TV Now, and select the channel you’d like to watch.

If you haven’t signed up for HTC TV Now, call us at 939-6112 and we will get you set up to stream movies from anywhere.


My family is having a hard time agreeing on a movie. What can we do?

We know every family member may not choose to watch the same thing. That’s why we offer options to please everyone.

  • Record what you’re not watching. When you sign up for HTC TV Now, you’ll automatically get 100 hours of cloud DVR recordings for free. That means if one child is worried about missing what he wants to watch, you can record it so he can watch it later.
  • Watch multiple devices at once. It may be a different idea of “family time,” but sometimes letting everyone watch what they want is the best way to make the family happy. HTC TV Now lets you stream to three devices at a time!


There’s a movie being released on a Premium channel, but it’s not included in our HTC Now TV package. What can we do?

HTC TV Now’s Starter package includes 29 channels. You can upgrade to the Starter Plus package to get 45 channels, the Value package to get 83 channels, or add Premium channels to any package any time. Just call our customer service department at 939-6112 and let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make sure it’s ready for you to watch on your next family movie night!


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