Phone Services

Since your customers are your number one priority, you should be doing all you can to improve their experiences and boost their satisfaction. Lucky for you, HTC’s business phone service allows small businesses to use the same technology large companies use, with more personal service and a price that fits your budget. Check out all the ways HTC can help your small business succeed.


Never Keep Them Waiting

For customers, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to be put on hold. By forwarding calls to the next available representative (whether in the office or on their mobile phones), you can ensure customers always reach a live voice promptly. And to ease clients’ minds when they try to call after business hours, leave a reassuring message that you will get back to them first thing.


Get More Personal

One of the nice things about living in a small community is being able to put a face with a name just about wherever you go. As a small business owner, you can let customers feel that personal connection by making them aware that you know who they are when they call. HTC lets you customize caller ID so a name pops up as soon as a call comes in, allowing you to answer with a personal, friendly greeting every time!


Listen to Voicemails Just by Checking Email

Expecting a client’s call but you need to duck out for a business lunch? No worries. While you’re away, if your client leaves a voicemail you can forward it straight to your email — where it will be transcribed. Simply read the email before you return to the office and call your client right back.


Get the Most Out of Integrated Technology

At HTC, we love helping local businesses enjoy the advantages of integrated Internet and phone services. Our Voiceover Internet Protocol, or VoIP, provides a high-speed data connection to deliver the same functions as standard HTC phone service. We install and maintain the equipment and provide support whenever you need it. With IP Voice service, your business will appreciate:

  • Cost Savings. Since VoIP treats your phone conversations as data passing through the Internet, you don’t pay for long-distance calls. It also includes voicemail, caller ID, conferencing and call forwarding all in one low monthly fee.
  • Less Equipment. As employees come and go, it’s not necessary to run extra wiring for every phone line. Instead, you’ll simply reassign or return the IP Phone. You also don’t need much hardware cluttering your office since digital voice signals are transmitted via software.
  • Increased Productivity. With VoIP, you and your staff can get all kinds of tasks accomplished at once. Virtual meetings allow you to speak over the phone while sharing data via email.
  • Convenience for Customers. Want to make it easier for customers to contact you? Turn the phone number on your website into a link so they can dial directly from your web page.


Learn More About the Advantages of HTC Business Phone Services

If you’re using our phone service, you should be enjoying up to 10 phone lines, conference calling, free incoming calls, no costly overages and no roaming charges. Your business could benefit from adding other service such as IP Voice, an 800 number or special voicemail options, so give us a call to discuss which services are best for your needs. We’re always happy to help!