Fiber Optic Capabilities

Need more bandwidth for your business’ expanding web enabled devices? Want the most cutting-edge Internet Service available from a name you know and trust? You’ve found it — right here in your community.


With HTC 1 gig service, everyone in your office can work faster and more efficiently than ever.

  • Conduct real-time videoconferencing with no annoying pauses
  • Upload and download reports, invoices and other large files faster than ever
  • Run and process multiple credit card transactions at once
  • Enjoy better voice quality for VoIP users
  • Keep business up and running even during a power outage
  • Back up, store and retrieve information from the Cloud anytime


The Power of HTC Fiber

Fiber-optic cables can send a larger volume of information over a longer distance than traditional copper cables, making it possible to download larger files and send and receive information much faster. Switching to the fastest, most reliable Internet Service available increases productivity in the office by eliminating concerns about data speed, dropped calls, power outages and more. Basically, when your employees are able to do their jobs faster, your business is able to do better.

It takes the most knowledgeable experts in the industry to work with tiny yet ultra-powerful fiber-optic cables. HTC has been in the communications business for over a century, delivering business phone and internet services throughout Southern Illinois. Our skilled employees are constantly working to expand our fiber network, and now with over 15,000 strand miles in Monroe, St. Clair and Randolph counties, we’re able to deliver the fastest Internet Service available to businesses who need it most.


HTC Offers High-Speed Internet, Phone and Bundles for Every Need

Not every business needs 1 Gig service. We work closely with each customer to discuss your business’ needs so you’re only paying for the speed and data you’ll use. With HTC you get reliable, affordable service from a trusted provider that’s just around the corner. And because we love to give our customers the most for their money, we offer business phone, high-speed Internet  as well as bundles for one low monthly price.


Powerful. Dependable. HERE. HTC is your one-stop shop for reliable, cost-effective business services.