Harrisonville Telephone Company home phone

You may be aware that HTC home phone service provides pinpoint 911 location access and never drops calls. But do you know about all the other convenient features you could be taking advantage of?


Why you need an HTC home phone


Never Miss a Call

Expecting an important call? No worries! You can call from any other phone to hear voicemails left when you’re not home, or have your calls forwarded to your cell phone or work line.


No More Busy Signal

Your friends and family don’t ever have to hear that annoying busy signal when they’re trying to call you. Instead, you’ll receive a notification that you have a call on the other line.


See Who’s Trying to Contact You

With Caller ID, telemarketers won’t have a chance of bugging you. And for a fun way to determine who’s calling, you can assign Custom Rings to special friends and family members!


Don’t Worry About Memorizing Numbers

Speed Dial allows you to program frequently used numbers into your phone so you can contact the people you frequently call.


Stay in Touch with Out-of-Town Loved Ones

As one of Illinois’ largest long distance phone service providers, we’re sure to have a plan that meets your needs.  Starting at just $19.95 per month, you’ll get 800 phone numbers, in and out of state service, international calling and multiple lines.


Bundles to Fit Your Budget

Thinking about adding home phone service to your plan? Consider bundling it with our dependable high-speed Internet and all-digital Television for the best monthly price. With each service, you’ll get the personal treatment that HTC customers have received for over a century!


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