Do you love NCAA basketball but can’t sit in front of your TV all through March? No problem! From Selection Sunday to the National Championship, HTC TV Now lets you watch any game, anywhere! We’ll tell you how to add this convenient feature to your Internet service so you never have to miss a shot of March basketball.


How Does HTC TV Now Work?

As long as you have an Apple, Android or Amazon Fire device, you’ll simply download the HTC TV Now app and tune in to the channel of your choice. You can stream games to up to three devices at once, so your basketball-loving spouse and kids can watch too. And if you can’t watch a game live, don’t worry. You’ll get 100 hours of cloud DVR recordings included!


How Do I Sign Up?

Just call to speak to an HTC representative at 618.939.6112. He or she will add HTC TV Now to your Internet service plan and will provide login information. You’ll then find the app in your app store, launch it, enter your login, and choose a channel to stream.


What Channels are Airing NCAA Basketball?

Here’s where you’ll find all the action in March:

  • First Four round: exclusively on truTV
  • First and second round: CBS, TNT, TBS, and truTV
  • Sweet 16: TBS and CBS
  • Elite 8: TBS and CBS
  • Final Four: TBS
  • Championship: TBS


Make Sure You Can Watch Games at Home or On the Go!

When you call to order HTC TV Now, ask how much bandwidth is on your home Wifi. If your kids will be streaming live Xbox games and watching movies while you’re trying to watch your favorite team play on TV, you may notice a lag. We’ll tell you how many devices your plan can handle, and recommend an upgrade if we think it’s necessary. We want you to enjoy this exciting month of basketball to the fullest, so don’t hesitate to call!