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These days, if you want to watch something, you don’t have to be sitting in front of your TV. After getting so used to having entertainment at your fingertips, it can be frustrating to miss a big game or a new episode of your favorite show just because you can’t be in your home. This is where HTC TV Now can help!

Bundle to save on your customized HTC TV Now service


Luckily with HTC TV Now, you can watch anything you want, anywhere your house, on your Apple, Android, Nook or Amazon Fire TV device. HTC TV Now service begins with a Starter package which includes 29 basic channels, but you can customize your watching experience by adding the channels of your choice. Want to watch your home team play games while you’re on your patio? Upgrade to our Value package and you’ll get additional great sports channels. Would you love to destress in your kitchen by watching cute little animals? Get Animal Planet with our Value Plus package. Want to occupy your toddler with adorable Disney Junior characters? We can make that happen just by adding Value+Family. And if you don’t want to miss another episode of your favorite shows on HBO, Starz, Showtime or Cinemax, we’ll gladly add Premium channels to any package. It’s that simple!


It’s So Easy to Customize Your HTC TV Now Experience

If you don’t already have TV Now, call us to sign up for service. We’ll let you know when to install the app on your device and what your login info is so you can start watching basic channels. After that, any time you want to upgrade your package, simply contact an HTC representative and let them know which channels you want to watch. We’ll make that change and you’ll be able to enjoy all the shows you love, from anywhere!

Find out more about TV Now, and when you’re ready to watch what you want, wherever you want, call us at 618-939-6112. Or better yet, check out our great bundles and add other services at great low prices!


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