Harrisonville Telephone Company HTC business wifi managed wifi

As a small business owner, you have more things to worry about than your business WiFi. When you choose HTC Advanced WiFi service, any concern about your Internet falls off of your shoulders and on to ours. Our technicians can monitor your speed and manage your devices straight from our office, allowing you to focus on everything else on your list.


HTC Managed Business WiFi Solution


HTC Takes Care of Installation.

First, we come to your business to install routers in the best positions for a strong signal. Every building is different, so we carefully examine the structure of walls, interferences from neighboring businesses, and more. When we find the right spot, we test it to make sure you can achieve the speed you need to operate efficiently.

If you have a larger business, we may need to add GigaSpire Blast, a premium router extender that allows your Internet signal to blast past obstacles to reach every corner of your building.


Then We Manage Your WiFi with Cloud-Based Tools.

From our offices, our technicians use cloud-based tools to examine the quality of the connection to each individual device on your network. Whether one of your employees is experiencing a frozen screen, you can’t download emails, or your credit card machine isn’t processing payments, we can determine how to strengthen your signal and fix the problem.


With Advanced WiFi App, You Can See a Snapshot of Your Business Network

Even though we can see what’s going on with your service, downloading HTC’s Advanced WiFi App gives you access to view all of the connected devices in your building. You can also use the app to set up a guest network, change your password, and more.


Your Connection Shouldn’t Be Your Problem. It’s Ours!

You’re too busy to wait for a technician to fix your Internet the next day – or even two days later. Keep business flowing by adding managed WiFi to your plan. Give us a call and we’ll get you set up right away.


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