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Let’s face it: the Cardinals aren’t doing great this year, but we still love to watch them play! St. Louis fans are known for being loyal to all of their hometown teams regardless of their record. Luckily if you have HTC TV NOW sports streaming, you can catch St. Louis sports as well as nationwide competitions from any smart device!


HTC TV NOW Sports Streaming for All Your Sports


What Sports Channels are on HTC TV?

TV NOW is Internet-based television that works on your terms, so you get to pick which channels you want based on your preferences. We even make it easy to build your own sports package on the TV NOW Lineup Creator.  For example:

The Cardinals games can be found on Bally Sports Midwest, which is available in our Value or Prime packages.

If you love hockey (even though the Blues didn’t make it into the post-season), you’ll need ESPN or ABC to watch the NHL playoffs. ESPN is available in Value or Prime as well, while ABC is included in our Starter plan.

The summer Olympics will be on NBC, which is included in our Starter and all of our other streaming packages.

And if you want to watch the Tennis Channel, Golf Channel, and Red Zone Football, all you have to do is subscribe to Value + Sports or Prime + Sports!  No matter what sport you watch, HTC TV NOW makes it easy to catch all the sports you want!


Ready to Build Your Dream Sports-Watching Plan?

Whether the kids love to watch baseball with you in the family room or you plan to watch with the guys in the man-cave, it’s all possible with HTC. Contact us today at 618-939-6112 to discuss the best options for you.


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