Frequently Asked Questions on Net Neutrality

Wondering how the FCC’s decision to end net neutrality will affect your Internet service? You’re not alone. Many HTC Internet customers as well as millions of Americans from across the country are asking the same question.  So, we at HTC wanted to provide you some answers on what net neutrality means for you.

Internet users are used to streaming movies from their choice of Netflix or Hulu, getting news from a website they choose, and paying the same monthly price for whatever they want to do on the web. Now that the Federal Communications Commission voted to allow large broadband (Internet) providers to decide what their customers can and can’t see (and how quickly they can do it), it’s causing many concerns.

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is a set of rules implemented in June of 2015 that made it illegal for broadband providers to block access to or slow down certain Internet applications or charge a fee for applications to get priority treatment. Net neutrality rules also required disclosure of the customer practices of the broadband (Internet) provider.


How will the repeal of net neutrality change Internet services?

The Internet is like a pipeline that delivers content to your web enabled devices. An Internet service provider essentially controls the pipeline of content to your phone, tablet, smart TV or computer.  Without net neutrality, providers who decide to can now potentially choose to slow down or block some sites or channels while making some (such as their own applications) easier to access. They could also charge companies with competing applications more money to reach you at a decent speed, and that extra cost could trickle down to their customers bill.


Will my HTC Internet service change?

As an HTC customer, you can keep surfing the web or streaming movies just as you always have. We do not engage in blocking sites or slowing down applications based on our own personal interests, and we will not support paid prioritization or raise our service prices. You will continue to get the best broadband service at the best price and have access to friendly customer service whenever you need it. That’s the difference in a local Internet company you can trust.