Harrisonville Telephone Company SecureIT web security software

Whether you use your home Internet service for work or personal purposes, your privacy and data is at risk without the proper protection. For just $5.99 per month, HTC’s SecureIT Web Security Software offers several ways to keep your information safe from scams and hackers.

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Blocks and Removes Viruses

When browsing the web, any link or email you click on could lead to a dangerous site. You may also be tempted to click on fake pop-up ads that put your computer at risk. Before viruses or malware have a chance to infect your laptop or steal your info, our security software detects that there’s a safety issue and blocks access. It also removes an unlimited number of viruses if they ever do make their way in.

Protects Passwords

You should have strong passwords for all of your accounts, and change them regularly. But sometimes despite your best efforts, hackers can learn your passwords and steal valuable information from your bank, work files, or other sensitive material. SecureIT Web Security Software keeps your passwords safe.

Allows You to Set Parental Controls

By setting parental controls on your Internet, you can keep kids from searching for content that could be harmful to them. Setting restrictions on certain information categories and search terms can bring you great peace of mind.

Provides 5 GB of File Backup

If a malicious attack on your laptop or PC is ever successful, you could lose a lot of valuable files and information that you may never get back. Backing up files creates a copy of data that can be recovered in the event of an attack, primary data failure, or accidental deletion. With HTC’s SecureIT Web Security Software, you can back up 5 GB of data.


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