Harrisonville Telephone Company strong passwords

We’ve talked about the importance of having Internet security tools in order to protect your privacy. Now, we want to offer tips for selecting passwords that cybercriminals can’t figure out.


Strong Passwords Help Keep Your Information Safe


Don’t use publicly available personal information.

You may think it’s a good idea to use your mom’s maiden name, your old street address, or even your first school since it will be something you won’t forget. But hackers are super smart, which means they probably have access to this information and will use it to figure out your password.

Do use something memorable to you.

It is, however, okay to use a password with information you can remember, as long as you use it in “code.” For instance, if your favorite song is The Devil Went Down to Georgia, create an acronym made up of words in the title, which is TDWDTG. You might also consider adding two pieces of information together, such as your favorite TV character and favorite cereal. FonzieLuckyCharms shouldn’t be too easy for a cybercriminal to crack.

Don’t use short passwords.

The strongest passwords contain at least 10 characters. Anything less is too easy to solve.

Do use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.

If you capitalize every other letter, add the year your favorite song was released, and add question marks or explanation points, you’re on your way to a solid password. TdWdTg1979? is much stronger than TDWDTG.

Don’t use the same password for everything.

Just in case a cyber intruder figures out your code, it’s a good idea to have separate passwords for different email addresses and website logins. That way, if they do get into your personal email, they won’t also get into your work email.

Do use a password manager via HTC’s SecureIT Web Security.

Since it’s important to use different passwords for different sites, you need to be able to access them if you can’t remember what they are. Password managers store your list of passwords securely online. HTC’s SecureIT Web Security offers password management peace of mind.


Still not sure your privacy is protected? Just ask HTC!

We know there’s a lot to think about when it comes to securing your private information online. That’s why HTC offers SecureIT Web Security Software which blocks and removes viruses, protects your passwords, and provides 5 GB of file backup. Call us today to discuss why this may be the perfect addition to your current Internet plan.


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