Security for your Smart Home

It’s hard to believe the futuristic things we used to see on the Jetsons are actually now a real thing. Smart homes are full of watches, robotic help, video chats…they’ve all been invented, and new innovative offerings are being introduced every year to make our lives easier. But as convenient as all this new technology is, it doesn’t come without a price.

With HTC Technology You Can Safely Use Smart Devices in Smart Homes

Security Concerns with Smart Technology

Whether you’ve been using smart home speakers for years or you’ve just installed smart door locks, anything that operates over an unsecured WiFi signal can put your home’s privacy and security at risk by opening them up to viruses and malware. Many homeowners have had their computers crash or identity stolen despite having traditional PC software or smartphone security solutions in place. The most effective way to prevent these types of intrusions is to purchase a “gateway solution” that protects the entire home network.

HTC Protects Your Home with the Latest Security Protection Plans

These days, it’s just not safe to have Internet without a proper protection plan in place. That’s why HTC offers our SecureIT Web Security Protection Package, which offers 5 GB file backup, a password keeper, unlimited virus removals, and even safe surfing.

And if you do have smart technology devices in the home, the most definitive way to form a foolproof security layer around the home is to secure all WiFi connected devices.  As part of HTC’s Managed WiFi program, we offer ProtectIQ™ which provides an extra layer of protection against malicious traffic before it arrives at your devices, blocks malicious content and viruses, and even sends you an app notification when that content is blocked. With so many of us working in the home these days, it’s worth it to ask an HTC representative about the best way to secure your WiFi system.