Now that the kids are back in school, you’ve probably put a limit on the amount of Fortnite hours they can play – and we at HTC agree homework should always come first! But if they’re all caught up with school work on September 12th, you might want to allow them a little extra time to celebrate National Video Game Day (Yes, there really is such a thing!) It’s a day established to learn about and enjoy all the fun that technology has brought to the gaming world in the past few decades.


A Brief History of Home Video Games

Owning a gaming console didn’t always mean you could play on the same screen as friends in different households. Online consoles made their debut in the 90’s, but were nowhere near as advanced as they are today. Here are some highlights of how gaming progressed from the 20th century to present day.

1972: Magnavox released Odyssey, the first home video game system which had no sound.

1977: Atari introduced its console with removable cartridges that brought arcade favorites into the home.

1985: Nintendo Entertainment System became the first non-joystick game (it used a pad controller instead).

1995: Sony introduced Playstation, the first console to put games on CDs instead of cartridges.

1998: Sega made Dreamcast, the first console to offer a modem and an existing network for online gaming.

2000: Sony Playstation 2 offered games on discs which could also be downloaded to the console for storage.

2001: Microsoft came out with Xbox and then Xbox 360 in 2005 with wireless controllers and interactive online play.

2006: Nintendo introduced Wii with motion sensor remotes.

2006: Sony Playstation 3 allowed players to stream videos, music and movies through the Internet.

2010: Microsoft Xbox offered Kinect with voice-command technology.

2013: Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One were released, allowing users to battle virtual opponents (such as Fortnite), enjoy social networking, record and share video clips and more.


HTC delivers the Fastest High Speed Internet that the Newest Video Games Require

Now that gamers can talk to friends through headsets as they interact on screen, there’s no time for lagging Internet. Enjoying the latest technology means having a fast connection and ample bandwidth, especially if you have more than one gamer in your household. Working with a dependable Internet company like HTC is the best way to ensure every player in your house stays happy!

National Video Game Day can be used as a great tool for learning, so on September 12th, do some research with your gamer to discuss computer technology, programming and Internet requirements that make playing their favorite game possible. And if you have any questions about how to improve your speed for maximum gaming enjoyment, let the Internet experts at HTC help!