Smart Home Technology

The purpose of taking a vacation is to relax – not to have to worry the whole time about someone breaking into your home. Luckily with the newest smart home security systems, you can monitor your home from anywhere directly from your phone. HTC can help. All you need is dependable Internet service.


From DIY to Professional Systems

Entry-level smart security systems can be purchased online or in stores and usually include door and window sensors, a motion detector, and a hub that communicates with them using WiFi such as HTC WiFi. You can also find doorbell cameras, motion sensors that tell you when someone is on your property, and can even be notified if your smoke detector goes off.


Many higher end security systems need to be installed by professionals and usually require a subscription fee to have your home watched 24/7, and the company will contact police themselves if an alarm is triggered. If you want outdoor securities set up, you may want to hire a licensed electrician to ensure it works in all types of weather.


Friends Stopping by to Feed the Cat?

Smart lock mobile apps allow you to create permanent and temporary access schedules as well as be notified when someone locks and unlocks a door. And don’t worry — you can arm and disarm smart alarms from your phone just in case someone you trust accidentally sets it off.


Smart Security Relies on Fast Internet Service

Depending on how many cameras you’re planning to set up as well as the amount of area you plan to cover, your bandwidth requirements will vary (for example outdoor cameras may require more). The best way to ensure your security system works best while you’re traveling is to speak with an HTC representative before you purchase your system. When it comes to your home and personal belongings, it’s worth it to make sure you get it right.