Internet Services

There has never been a time when dependable Internet service was more important. With entire households now staying home, a strong connection is the backbone of the new “normal” office, classroom, and entertainment venue. HTC wants you to know we’re here to keep everyone in your home happy, staying connected, as you all adjust in these uncertain times.


Working Remotely

Whether you need to videoconference with clients or share a large file with coworkers, you’ll need fast download and upload speed to prevent frozen screens and delayed deliveries. If you have multiple people working out of your home, you may need to increase your bandwidth or consider a Gigaspire router for a stronger signal.


Learning Online

Students from kindergarten through college are watching YouTube lessons, meeting teachers on Zoom and receiving assignments through Google Classroom. Watch for signs that your child’s device needs a faster Internet connection, such as videos pausing, and contact us to discuss how we can help.


Entertaining Everyone

Streaming movies and playing video games may have been a part of your family’s pre-Covid life, but chances are the entire household wasn’t doing them all at once. Now with everyone looking for fun ways to stay occupied at home, you’ll need to be sure your Internet can handle all the streaming, surfing, posting and sharing. If you notice slower service while everyone’s online, ask us how we can help.


Staying Connected to Friends and Family

The hardest part about the Stay Home Order is missing the ones we love. Thankfully with today’s technology, we can still have face-to-face conversations with apps like Facetime, House Party and Google Hangouts. If your screen keeps pausing during online parties, you may need to upgrade your service.


Increase Your Speed to Make the Most of Your New Normal

With tension already high in these uncertain times, we want to do everything we can to minimize frustration in your home. By upgrading your Internet package or adding our GigaSpire router to ensure a stronger WiFi signal in every room, you can be sure every family member stays happy. Just call (618) 939-6112 or visit today. We’ll all get through this by working together.