Phone Services

With 90% of consumers having received a fraudulent call at some point, chances are you’ve picked up the phone to hear a robotic voice on the other end (probably right in the middle of a nice family dinner or an important client interaction). There are rules in place that block these spam calls, but the algorithm that determines whether it’s a call from a legitimate business has not yet been perfected. Especially as we near election time this fall, now is a great time to stop annoying robocalls once and for all. HTC is now offering Robocall Mitigation to help customers decide whether they should pick up the phone or not when it rings.


Here’s how Robocall Mitigation works:

  • Uses a broad range of sources to help identify and flag fraudulent phone numbers.
  • Overrides the 15-character display to warn homeowners that a possible spam call is coming in.
  • Blocks calls that have been identified as robocalls per recent FCC reports.
  • Allows only incoming calls that are verified enterprises.


Don’t let annoying phone calls ruin your family time or business day!

You don’t have to keep hanging up on robotic voices, or wondering if you’ll miss an important call if you choose to let the phone keep ringing. Add Robocall Mitigation service to your HTC home or business phone service today by calling (618) 939-6112. You’ll be glad you did!