HTC Internet service provider internet myths

Let’s face it, everyone experiences confusion about the online world at some point. Since we know how easy it can be to misunderstand information about the Internet, we’d like to debunk some of the most common myths.


HTC Explains Internet Myths


Your Upload and Download Speeds Will Always be As Advertised

When speed numbers are listed on an offer for Internet service, they don’t indicate how fast the download and upload will be at all times. Those numbers only tell you the maximum speeds possible, which you won’t reach when everyone in your home is streaming movies or playing games at once.

To ensure you have fast enough Internet to keep up with your household’s needs, you should do a speed test during peak usage hours. If download and upload speeds aren’t at least 80% of the maximum speed quoted in your advertised package, ask for a plan with higher numbers.


What Goes on the Internet Stays on the Internet

Many of us appreciate being able to store important files and photos “permanently” on the web. Dropbox and Shutterfly are great for uploading family pictures to a digital album. A healthcare system’s “portal” is a good place to access all of our medical records. A bank’s online system makes it convenient to look up statements from the past year or so. But it’s important to know that just because you can view something online now, there’s no guarantee it will be there forever. Just about any site can be vulnerable to data breaches, and businesses can close or delete online files with short notice.

It never hurts to download your photos to an external hard drive, or to periodically print medical and financial statements. You may never need them, but you’ll certainly be thankful if you ever do.


Firewalls Protect You from Everything Dangerous

While a firewall can block some viruses and cyberattacks, it can’t keep you from clicking on dangerous links or giving personal information to the wrong people. It’s up to you to watch for suspicious emails, and to always be cautious when discussing financial concerns online. Once you let a virus or hacker in, even the best security tools won’t be able to get them out.


Have More Questions About the Internet? Just Ask?

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