Harrisonville Telephone Company email SurgeWeb

If you’re an HTC Internet customer, you’ve most likely been using our email services. But you may not be aware of our exclusive SurgeWeb upgrade, which allows you to access your email from any device with an Internet connection. It has lots of perks, so make sure to check them out and start taking advantage of them!


Why You Need an Email Upgrade to HTC SurgeWeb


Set Email Preferences

Going to be out of the office for the day? SurgeWeb allows you to enable auto responses and forward messages to other email addresses. You can also set up contacts with complete information about your personal or business connections.

Manage Spam

Is junk mail clogging up your inbox? SurgeWeb can filter out spam messages before they end up in your inbox, and you can choose whether to review them before you delete them or just have them removed automatically.

Get Technical, Personal Help When You Need It

Not receiving expected emails? Are suspicious contacts continuing to show up in your inbox? No problem. With a quick phone call to our experts, we can walk you step-by-step through SurgeWeb preferences, help you get rid of annoying junk mail, and let you know the safest ways to keep viruses out of your inbox.


Ready to get started with SurgeWeb?

If you’re ready to take advantage of all that SurgeWeb has to offer, give us a call at 618-939-6112 and we’ll help you set it up.  We want you to get the most out of your HTC email service, so we’re always happy to help.


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