Advanced WiFi Benefits Harrisonville Telephone Company

We often tell customers about our HTC Advanced WiFi service when they’re looking for the fastest technology available, but there are many other perks to Advanced WiFi beyond speed. Two key benefits are that installation is always performed by our local, knowledgeable technicians, and that we can manage your connection directly from our office.


HTC Advanced WiFi Advantages


Why Proper Installation is Important

Even if you purchase the fastest Internet package possible, you won’t be able to take advantage of it unless it’s installed properly. HTC Advanced WiFi is designed to reach the farthest corners of your house, which means it has to be placed in the best spot for maximum performance. Our technicians come to your home and carefully consider where your router might experience interruptions due to brick, concrete, or other materials that might weaken the router’s signal. Then we place the router in the best area possible and check your signal strength before completing the installation.


Cloud Management

Before leaving your home after installation, we tell you how to test your own speed. However, if your speed is ever not up to your expectations, we can figure out why remotely. That’s because HTC uses cloud-based tools to examine the quality of your connection on every device in your network. If your child’s gaming system in the basement is slow, we can fix it. If your screen is freezing during your boss’ Zoom presentation, we can fix it. This is a huge advantage over high-speed Internet services that operate on unmanaged routers.


Ready to Upgrade to Advanced WiFi?

There are even more benefits to our managed WiFi service, including an app that allows you to see all the devices in your network and change passwords, adjust parental controls, and more. We’d love to tell you why Advanced WiFi may be right for your household or business, so give us a call at 618-939-6112.


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