With technology changing faster than ever, we continue to see advancements we never thought possible even several years ago. HTC is dedicated to staying on top of emerging digital trends so our business customers can continue to meet their clients’ expectations. Here are three ways technology is changing in 2019, and how HTC is keeping up.


A New and Improved Cloud = Must Have Download and Upload Speeds

Any businesses who haven’t taken advantage of Cloud capabilities should plan to do so in 2019. Cloud storage provides nearly instant backup and disaster recovery solutions and is ideal for keeping data secure.

HTC representatives can ensure efficient and fast transfer of your data to and from your cloud storage locations. We have numerous speed options that range up to 1000Mbps with our fiber service. Our various speed options ensure our residential and business customers have the speed they need along with superior local support.


Protection from Growing Cyber Security Threats

In 2018, huge enterprises like Amazon and Macy’s were victims of major data breaches. It’s easy to think that small businesses are not at a similar risk, but the truth is that cybercriminals don’t discriminate when it comes to stealing vital information. In fact, small businesses are often more appealing since they have less sophisticated security protocols.

To prevent themselves from dealing with the devastation that a data breach can bring, small businesses must find ways to prevent and detect threats. HTC offers services in which we host business websites on our in-house server – in the same secure place as our Internet technicians. And with HTC SecureIT Web Security software, our business customers can rest easy knowing world-class security, data backup, privacy protection, anti-virus and virus removal are all there in case of an attack.


HTC Stays on Top of Technology, So You Can Focus on Your Customers

When you own a business, change can be scary. But with HTC as your Internet provider, you can rest assured that we’ll continue to research the most recent technology trends, allowing you to stay head to head with competition and ensuring that your information stays secure. If you ever have a concern, we’re just a phone call away.