2021 HTC Directory

It’s no secret that we’re all ready to say goodbye to 2020. A new year will hopefully bring brighter days for small businesses and residents in Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair counties, and HTC hopes to provide them with support by delivering a new 2021 HTC Directory to our customers.

A New Year and a New HTC Directory

In the new directory, we list restaurants, boutiques, bars and gift shops, so if you’re ready to get out but aren’t sure of business hours, you can call and ask. Are you already planning to give your yard a fresh new look this spring? You’ll find a list of landscaping companies who can beautify your bushes. And if you’re curious about the new shop you’ve heard about that was brave enough to open its doors during a pandemic, find their number in the phone book and call to ask what they have to offer! With enough support from local residents, small businesses in our area can bounce back to better than ever before.

While quarantines and mitigations may be keeping us from seeing family and friends, sometimes just hearing their voices does wonders for filling social voids. In the new HTC Directory, we’ve included numbers for residents throughout Waterloo, Columbia, Red Bud and Dupo, so look up someone you’ve been thinking about and pick up the phone!

Haven’t received your new phone book? Let us know!

You can expect your new HTC Directory to arrive in late January or early February. If you haven’t received yours by then, be sure to call our customer service department at 939-6112 and let us know. We’ll be happy to get one to you as soon as possible!

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