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These days, we can do just about everything over the Internet: Order furniture, pay bills, have face-to-face meetings, you name it. The Internet, through VoIP, can also be the perfect solution for your business telephone communications.


HTC VoIP for Business Telephone Solution


How Does Voice Over Internet Protocol Work?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, converts voice into digital data, then uses a router to send it through an Internet connection. This is different than a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which uses internal analog phone lines to send messages between employees. And with VoIP, you can still have voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling, and caller ID.

VoIP software integrates with desktop computers as long as they have voice and audio input/output capabilities. Users can speak over the phone while sending e-mails, conducting virtual meetings, and remote conferencing.


What are the Advantages of HTC VoIP?

VoIP can have substantial cost saving benefits. With no hardware, installation costs, or landline phone bill, businesses can save money just by having employees communicate over the Internet.  Switching to VoIP also allows employees to work remotely, if needed, more easily.

In addition, Internet-based calls offer a crisp, clear connection that allows employees to enjoy fewer delays and less background noise – which are common when employees all call in from different locations.


Is HTC VoIP Right for My Business?

HTC IP Voice service is great for multi-line business applications.  The service provides multiple IP Voice lines to individual workstations and supports voice calling, call features and voicemail. Of course, HTC technicians explain the process and help you understand how it works, so you’re comfortable with the switch.


We also offer:

Hosted IP PBX, delivered via multiple lines into the HTC hosted IP PBX solution.  Hosted IP PBX can provide multiple IP Voice stations to serve each employee and/or workstation, and supports voice calling, call features and Voicemail.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), or SIP Trunk Service is delivered via multiple lines into an HTC customer phone system, or a system compatible with HTC, and provides similar features.


To discuss which Internet communication service is right for your business, contact us today. We’ll do everything we can to help you succeed!


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