HTC's TV Now Steaming TV service Harrisonville Telephone Company

The best thing about HTC’s TV Now: Streaming TV service is that you can watch what you want, whenever you want! As long as you’re an HTC Internet customer, you can add HTC TV Now to your service package. You’ll get 100 hours of cloud DVD recordings and the ability to stream to 3 different devices at once for FREE!


Watch HTC TV NOW Streaming TV Today


What Device Do I Need to Stream HTC TV Now?

You can watch your favorite shows or movies on any of the following devices:

Phone/Tablet: iPhone (iOS 11+), Android Mobile 5.1+, iPad (iOS 11+)

Smart TV: Fire TV Edition Element & Westinghouse (OS 5.2+), Fire TV Edition Toshiba & Insignia (OS 6.2+), Philips Android Smart TVs (Android TV 5.1+), Sharp Android Smart TVs (Android TV 5.1+), Sony Android Smart TVs (Android TV 5.1+)

Streaming STB (Set Top Box): Amazon Fire TV (OS 5.1+), Amazon Fire TV (OS 5.1+), Apple TV (tvOS 11.0+), Apple TV 4K A1842 (tvOS 11.0+)

Streaming Stick: Amazon Fire TV Gen 3 (OS 6.2+), Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (OS 6.2+), Amazon Fire TV Stick Gen 2 (OS 5.2+), Chromecast with Google TV

Web Browser: Chrome (Win 49+, OS X 55+), Edge (13+), Firefox (47+), IE (11+ on Windows 8.1+), Safari (8+ on Mac OS X 10.11+)


What HTC TV Now Packages Are Available?

Starting at just $38.95 per month for the Starter Package, you can stream 29 Channels including local networks to any device. For $20 more, you’ll also get favorites like HGTV, Food Network, CNN, Fox News, and Animal Planet. Add sports, children’s entertainment, and movie channels for just a little more each month. With HTC TV Now, you can build the ideal viewing package for your whole family.


Is Service Available in My Area?

To find out if HTC TV Now is available where you live, simply visit this page and type in your address. If you see that HTC TV Now is an option, call our customer service team at 618-939-6112 and add it to your current Internet service package today!


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