Landline Phone

You may have the fanciest, most advanced cell phone, but chances are it’s still not capable of delivering the advantages of a landline. Having a home phone means increased safety, peace of mind, and an easier time staying connected with those in your community. Consider these important reasons to have HTC residential phone service, and call us if it isn’t already part of your plan.

Why a Home Phone Should be Part of Your Plan

First Responders Can Find You Faster
When you make a 911 call from a landline, the dispatcher can pinpoint your exact address and send help immediately. But since your cell phone is not associated with a fixed address, it can only put you near your location. Every second counts during an emergency!

A Power Outage Won’t Affect Your Service
In a storm, cellular towers often experience interruptions and prevent calls from going through. Electrical outages also mean you can’t charge your mobile phone, while a corded home phone will continue to provide service if you need to make an emergency call.

You’ll Have Unlimited Minutes
If you’ve ever gone over your minutes on your cell phone plan, you know how expensive it can get. With home phone from HTC, you can make as many calls as you like and never pay extra!

The HTC Directory Helps You Find Friends and Businesses in the Area
It’s difficult to find cell phone numbers of local residents easily, but you can quickly find any HTC landline customer in our directory. Our phone book also has contact information for local restaurants, shops, and services.


Want the best home phone rates? Buy a bundle!
When you combine your HTC phone service with our Television and Internet services, you’ll get the very best prices on all of them. You can get unlimited local and long- distance calling, Caller ID, Voice Notes, 10 email addresses, over 140 TV channels, and free installation for up to three rooms! Check out our bundles for more information.

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