HTC bundle your services bundle internet and phone

If you’ve been paying for Internet and phone services separately, you should definitely look into bundling. Even if you only have one service or the other, you may be missing out and could start saving on both by adding one that you don’t have. We’ll help you decide if combining your HTC services is right for you. You may save if you bundle Internet and phone!


Save with HTC: Bundle Internet and Phone


Benefits of Bundling

Combining all of your communications services offers the following advantages:

  • The same provider. Any time you have a problem with home or Internet services, you will deal with the same local company, the same customer service team, and the same technicians. Even if you decide to move, the convenience of transferring all your services in one call can’t be beat.
  • One, lower bill. Bundling not only lowers the price of each service, but it also means keeping track of one monthly payment. Our bundled price for both services starts at just $75.74 per month.
  • Faster speeds. Because the price is lower on bundled Internet service, you can take advantage of packages with faster download speeds than in a la carte pricing.


What if I Don’t Have Phone Service?

Bundling is a great way to start taking advantage of HTC’s landline phone service for a lower price than it is on its own, as well as:

  • Pinpoint 911 service, which allows first responders to locate you faster than they can on a cellular phone.
  • No dead batteries when you can’t find a charger or the electricity is out.
  • No dropped calls or broken conversations when you lose a signal.
  • Directory listings of other friends and family who have HTC phone service.


Ready to Enjoy Dependable, Local Service for Less?

You can’t beat the value of a bundle. With affordable dependable Internet service, crystal clear phone service, and local technicians just around the corner, we can’t think of a reason not to ask more about bundling! Give us a call at 618-939-6112.


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