Residential Support

Our support staff is available 24 x 7 to answer all of your questions!

Office hours: Mon-Fri 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. | Sat 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please call (618) 939-6112 for any questions, concerns or issues regarding your Internet, TV or phone service.

Current known issues:

Some PCs running Windows 10 may be experiencing issues getting online until the PC is restarted. If your PC shows that it is connected to your network but has limited or no internet access, you may need to restart the PC.

Note: When restarting to fix Internet issues, choose Restart rather than Shutdown. The Shutdown option will turn off the PC but will not fully restart the network software on the next boot.

The Internet should work after your PC restarts.

If you cannot get online after this restart, please contact us at (618) 939-6112.


General Support
Before you dig, contact JULIE 811
Directory assistance 411

The Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC) assists people who are Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, Deaf, Deaf-Blind or Speech Disabled to place and receive calls to standard telephone users via a keyboard or assistive device through a Free Equipment Program and the Illinois Relay service. Learn more about ITAC by calling 800-841-6167 or at

For the hearing impaired, call: (618) 939-5900 (TYY Only)