Small business open sign

As a local company, we appreciate the strength hometown businesses provide our community through services, employment and support. We will always support any local business we can because we know how great it feels to be supported! Here are some other reasons why we feel local businesses are the key to a healthy, strong and vibrant communities:

  1. They provide jobs to local residents.  When you walk into a Waterloo gift shop or order pizza from a Columbia restaurant, chances are you’ll see a neighbor working there. Hiring local residents provides paychecks to those in the community and gives businesses the peace of mind that their employees care about their customers.
  2. They make recreational activities possible. Look on the back of a Khoury League or local sports association shirt and you’ll see the name of a local pharmacy, autobody shop or fitness gym that sponsored that team. Take a look at the banners for the Monroe County Fair featuring the names of local businesses who are funding the various shows and activities. Local businesses truly believe that the youth in our communities are worth their investment.
  3. They keep things personal. When was the last time you walked into the mall and were greeted by name? It’s different with local businesses. They build personal relationships with their customers, knowing not only their names but also their preferences. When you shop local, you won’t call and be put on hold for hours. Instead, you can almost guarantee incredible customer service.
  4. They power our economy. Local businesses generate tax dollars that go back to the community for growth and improvements. Local business owners are also more likely to have lunch at a neighboring café and shop locally as well.
  5. They are the fabric of our communities. The quaint boutiques, friendly restaurants, and family-owned stores and businesses scattered throughout our local communities are what makes us different. By supporting those businesses, you preserve that uniqueness that we all appreciate so much.

Thank you, to all our HTC customers for trusting us with your Internet, Phone, and TV service. We will continue to return the favor by shopping locally ourselves.