TV. Internet. Phone Bundle

Summer is expensive, but if you take advantage of HTC’s savings opportunities, you’ll have more money in your pocket to do the things you enjoy this time of year! Just ask about bundling your phone, TV, and Internet services into one monthly bill to get the lowest prices on each service. Don’t worry — you’ll still get the same personal attention you always get when you call HTC for service…the only difference will be the extra money in your bank account at the end of the month!

Preferred Super Bundle (Phone + Internet + TV)

When you combine your phone, Internet and TV services, you’ll get local and unlimited long-distance calls, voice notes, caller ID and custom calling features, PLUS up to 1Gbps high-speed Internet, PLUS 140 TV channels with video-on-demand access. Your TV service will also include free installation and up to three standard receivers with one DVR. You’ll have a hard time beating this deal starting at just $77.85 a month!

Preferred Wonder Bundle (Phone + TV)

Ask to combine your HTC phone and TV services into one monthly bill, and you’ll enjoy all the same perks of the Preferred Super Bundle without Internet. We think you’ll appreciate this deal that starts at just $57.90 a month.

HTC Wants to Help You Save this Summer and Throughout the Year

We’d love to help reduce your bills all year. Just contact a customer service representative and ask which bundle is right for you so you can enjoy incredible savings every month!