Online Shopping

Are you one of us who prefers not to wake up at 4 a.m. to fight crowds on Black Friday? Thanks to dependable Internet service from HTC, you can start your holiday shopping in your PJ’s while drinking coffee on your couch! Here are some things to know to help you get the best deals on Cyber Monday, November 26th:


Check Your Internet Speed

If you still have college kids home playing video games AND your husband is working from home AND you’re trying to shop online, your speed may slow down — and prevent your order from going through. Do a test run before Cyber Monday while all your devices are running to make sure your laptop isn’t lagging. If you need more speed at the best possible price, simply call HTC to upgrade your service.

Bookmark the Pages Where You Plan to Shop Ahead of Time

When you see an email or newspaper ad that touts an amazing upcoming Cyber Monday price, make sure to bookmark it on your computer. That way you won’t be stuck trying to remember where you saw the best deals.

Visit Multiple Stores at Once

Forget driving from one crowded parking lot to another just to compare prices. You can easily open all the websites of your favorite stores, then switch between tabs to make sure you’re getting the lowest price.

Beware of Hidden Costs

While you’re toggling between tabs, make sure to compare who’s offering free shipping or who’s adding extra fees. This could be a deal breaker when it comes to ensuring you’re getting the best deal and saving the most money.

Don’t Forget Social Sites

Before you hit the submit button, check the store’s Facebook or Instagram page. You may be able to find a special code for a certain percentage off or for free shipping.


Remember, if you want to upgrade your Internet service to a faster speed, just give us a call. We can have you up and running faster than ever before! Happy shopping from all of us at HTC!