High-Speed Internet Customer

When HTC customers rely on dependable Internet service in order for their days to go smoothly, they expect any issues to be resolved quickly. Luckily, Internet CSR Connie B. is always just a phone call away to help figure things out.

“Since 2008, I’ve worked to help troubleshoot and resolve Internet problems for local residents and businesses,” said Connie. “If I can’t help them over the phone, I send outside plant personnel to fix it.”

Whether it’s a speed issue or there’s trouble with the connection, Connie can often get customers back online where they need to be. And many times when they suspect an Internet problem, it’s actually an entirely different issue – leading to interesting conversations that Connie enjoys.

“Everyone has a story,” said Connie. “Customers call in for Internet help and it ends up being a computer issue. I’ve even helped a customer connect a printer. Sometimes the best part of my day is getting them laughing.”

Connie’s cheerfulness and willingness to talk customers through problems is what often gets her rave reviews. Mark and Wendy H. of Columbia were recently pleased with her friendly service.  “Connie did a wonderful job providing support and helping us on the phone. We spoke numerous times and I think she has the patience of a saint. Connie is a great example of what makes Monroe County a great place to live.”

While Connie admits that it’s always nice to get thank yous from customers, she takes great satisfaction in simply knowing she’s resolved Internet issues so residents and businesses can continue surfing the web, streaming movies or servicing patrons.

“I’m thankful to work for a company that allows me to make a difference.”