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Internet interruptions are frustrating. Making changes such as moving your router or replacing hardware can sometimes help strengthen your home WiFi signal. Try these tips to improve your network’s performance, and if you still don’t see a change, call us at HTC and we will help!


Home WiFi Improvement Tips


Place Your Router in a Central Location with No Obstructions

Your WiFi relies on a strong router signal, and that signal needs to be able to reach every device in the home. To help your router reach the furthest places possible, place it:

  • In a central room on the first story of the house (if it’s a two story, place the router high on a shelf so it can reach the second floor)
  • Off of the floor and away from metal objects that can cause obstructions
  • Away from an outside wall where it can interfere with neighboring signals


Reduce Interference

Most of us experienced hearing a neighbor’s conversation while using a cordless phone years ago. That was because their phone was using the same frequency. Today, phone technology has improved, but there’s still a chance for wireless electronics to interfere with WiFi. The most common wireless technology operates at a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz (GHz), and so do microwave ovens, baby monitors, and garage door openers. This creates interfering signal noise that affects the connection between a device and router. Buying devices that use 5.8 GHz frequency can help reduce interference, since most WiFi networks operate on lower frequencies.


Use the Same Brand of Routers and Adapters

Some tech products from different manufacturers can clash. Especially if you live in a house with thick walls that can block signals, it’s a good idea to purchase a router and adapter made by the same company.


Ask About Mesh Technology

Mesh WiFi combines a router with several small wireless satellites, which go in different rooms. The satellites communicate with the router to provide a strong signal throughout the home. Once you’re connected to mesh WiFi, you never have to worry about losing a connection.

HTC is proud to offer GigaSpire BLAST, a powerful, dynamic mesh extender that delivers a strong WiFi signal to every corner of your home. It’s the perfect solution for eliminating slowdowns, lagging and disruptions. Service includes professional, customized installation and maintenance.

If you’re ready to enjoy a better WiFi experience, contact HTC today. We’ll tell you which of the above options would be the best plan of action for your household.


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