Songs4Soldiers Tailgate Fest

Just as 2020 has been challenging for all of us, Songs4Soldiers has had to be creative in order to raise money in lieu of their annual fall fundraiser. Since 2013, this local charitable organization has donated over $600,000 to combat veterans using proceeds from their benefit concert, but due to Covid-19 restrictions that couldn’t happen this year.

This year Songs4Soldiers founder and veteran Dustin Row has had to think of social-distance friendly events to raise money. So, on October 10th, music lovers will be able to listen to live bands from their vehicles at the Monroe County Tailgate Fest, held at the Monroe County Fairgrounds. The sold-out event is expected to bring in a substantial amount from admission charges as well as merchandise sales.

When HTC learned of the Tailgate Fest, they were eager to help. “HTC is sponsoring this event just as they’ve always sponsored our cause, and I can’t think of a better provider for our Internet needs,” said Dustin. “Their crew is always there to make sure everything is happening just as we need it to. I always have so many other things to worry about – it’s nice to know that’s not one of them.”

Each Songs4Soldiers event relies on dependable Wi-Fi in order to sell merchandise and beverages, as well as for backstage audio production. With HTC Internet, Dustin can always breathe easy that purchases will go through and that if there are any connection problems, on-site technicians can help right away.

The cancellation could have been devastating for founder and veteran Dustin Row, but his persistence and dedication to helping fellow soldiers in need led him to keep brainstorming ways to carry on. It also helps that this isn’t the first time the organization has experienced challenges. “We’ve had years in which weather was bad, so we didn’t make the money we could have,” said Dustin. “But every time we’ve been hit, we’ve been able to get back up.”

“I wanted a fun and safe way for people to get out of the house and enjoy live music, similar to what they could do at our traditional concert,” said Dustin. “We have an awesome lineup of local artists, and it will definitely help us raise money for our vets.”

Looking ahead to 2021, Dustin is excited about resuming Songs4Soldiers’ traditional concert to help more vets in need. With national country and rock artists already in the works, residents can look forward to an amazing weekend next fall. In the meantime, sponsors, volunteers, and donors will continue to provide the support they’ve given to this wonderful cause for the past seven years.

“Every year, regardless of how much money we raise or what obstacles we encounter, I’m always blown away by how much this community does to help us,” he said. “It’s a true testimony of why we continue to hold these events where we do, and why I’m so proud of where I’m from.”


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