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At HTC, we’re always happy to offer suggestions for entertainment using our Internet services, especially for kids during the long summer months. Experts suggest that the right amount of screen time (approximately 2 hours) per day is healthy and appropriate. To help you manage these two hours of fun screen time, here are some tips for using HTC Advanced WiFi and HTC TV NOW.


Summer Tips for HTC Advanced WiFi and TV NOW


Family Fun with HTC TV NOW

As the summer heat arrives in full force, many children will want to seek refuge inside. HTC TV NOW offers many educational options for your child and fun entertainment for the entire family in the evening. Check out the many shows offered by HTC TV NOW streaming TV and make your summer bucket watch list now as a family and set educational viewing goals for your children. You can even create your own channel line up!


Schedule Outdoor Activities with HTC Advanced WiFi

Try to put some things on your summer calendar that will take place outside and guarantee to keep your kids moving. Yard games with family, a soccer camp, swimming with friends, or a trip to the zoo are just a few suggestions. Do your own research or, better yet, ask your kids to research on HTC Advanced WiFi the activities they would like to do and see. It is an easy way to make screen time educational and fun!


Make a Reward Chart

If you schedule screen time as a reward, create a chore chart to make the kids earn it. Let’s say taking out the trash and making their beds gets 20 minutes of screen time, while putting their laundry away and loading the dishwasher equals 30 minutes. If you want to encourage them to do something active before using HTC Internet with their gaming console for 45 minutes, write down that they first have to take the dog for a long walk or play outside with their little brother for an hour!


HTC Advanced WiFi and TV NOW

As always, if you have any questions about HTC Internet or HTC TV NOW this summer, give our friendly, locally based customer service team a call! We can help ensure a summer of fun, activity, and learning!



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