HTC is increasing email security

To increase the security of your email account, we are enabling a new feature. As a result, you may receive a warning email message when attempts to send email with your account are made from a new IP address.

If you access your email account in different locations, or on a device that changes location occasionally (a laptop, your phone, tablet), you should be able to easily confirm the activity in question. In each warning, a link will be provided to show you the approximate geographical location of a login. An example link:

If you have already logged in at the new location and retrieved your mail prior to sending a new message, you won't get a warning.

This change is intended to alert users to unwanted account activity. No system can entirely prevent attempts to access your account, but together with choosing a strong password, using unique passwords for each account, and using secure email ports and settings, you can keep your account safe.

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly local tech support at 618.939.6112.

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I get a warning about a new login?

If you login at a new location, your email client will display a website link that you can visit in order to allow logins at your new location. You’ll also get an email containing the link. If you close the warning or don’t see it, just check your inbox for the email containing the link.

Once you visit the link to allow logins, you can send email from your new location.

If somebody else logs in to your account, you will also receive an email warning asking you to approve their login. If a login is suspicious, don’t click the approval link. Change your account password immediately at For assistance, contact our tech support at 618.939.6112.

What happens if I get a warning that someone logged in from a new location, but I’m not at a new location?

The warning will contain instructions on verifying the login. Here’s some information so you can be ready if you need to verify a suspicious login:

The first thing to do is to check whether the login was valid. The warning message will include the IP address that logged in, and will contain a link to a website ( to see the estimated location of the login attempt.

If you’re at home on your WiFi, but the estimated location is somewhere outside of our area, that may mean that somebody else logged in and tried to send email using your account. If you can't explain why this might have happened, you’ll want to change your account password immediately at For assistance, contact our tech support at 618.939.6112.

If the location is our local area, a new login is less suspicious. You can confirm if your IP address matches the login by going to That page will show your current IP address. If it matches the IP address in the warning, that confirms the login was from your device and it's safe to approve logins.