How to get the best performance from your WiFi Router

WiFi connections are increasingly common. In fact, most of your devices probably use a WiFi connection to get online: Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Roku, Gaming devices, Smart TV’s, and some desktop computers all have WiFi capability.

The convenience and mobility of a WiFi connection can’t be beat. However, sending and receiving large amounts of data wirelessly on today’s devices can require extra steps to set up and keep working as fast as possible. Even small issues with a WiFi setup can cause poor performance and a frustrating experience.

HTC can help you get the best performance out of your WiFi connections. Here are some tips:

Slow WiFi connections can be caused by a low Signal Strength or WiFi Interference.

Here’s how to diagnose these situations.

To check your Signal Strength:

  1. It’s easiest to use a laptop computer to check your WiFi signal strength. Look at the bottom right corner of your computer screen for your WiFi icon. Usually this icon looks like stair steps or a WiFi antenna. There are normally 1-5 bars highlighted (1 bar indicating the weakest signal and 5 bars indicating the highest). Mobile devices also have a signal indicator and can also be used to check signal strength.
  2. If you only see 1 to 2 bars, move your device throughout your home to see if there is a better signal in any location. You may need to move your modem/router device closer to the location where you use your Internet most. If you identify a poor signal in the home, HTC can help. Give us a call at 618-939-6112 and our tech support will be happy to help you figure out the best solution.

To check for WiFi Interference:

  1. Look at the bottom right corner of your computer screen for your WiFi icon. Usually this looks like stair steps or a WiFi antenna.
  2. Left click to open the WiFi menu.
  3. You should see a list of network names. Locate your network name in the list.
  4. Your network name should show the strongest signal in the list (ideally it will show 4-5 bars).  If not, you may have interference from the other devices in the list. These devices could be overpowering your signal and causing your slow connection.
    1. Common sources of WiFi interference include baby monitors, WiFi speakers, Bluetooth devices, devices that allow direct WiFi connections, and WiFi printers that broadcast Wifi Direct.
  5. If there is a chance that interference coming from a device inside your home, we recommend turning off that device temporarily and see if that improves your WiFi service. You can visit to check the Internet speed while you diagnose.
  6. In some cases, interference may be coming from sources outside the home. In these cases, we have solutions that may help. Just give us a call at 618-939-6112.

Consider HTC Managed Wi-Fi

HTC offers a full managed Wi-Fi solution. We’ll install and maintain the fastest Wi-Fi technology available, and handle any troubleshooting for you. Visit to learn more!

Contact our friendly, local support for assistance

If you see issues with your signal strength or WiFi interference and have any questions, want our advice, or just want us to solve your issues with a minimum of hassle, please call us. We can often help you arrive at the best solution with a quick conversation. In some cases, we may want to arrange for a technician to evaluate and solve your unique situation onsite.

Please call HTC at 618-939-6112 anytime you have questions.