HTC Advanced WiFi Benefits

Did you know HTC offers cloud-based wireless Internet that allows us to troubleshoot your service from our office? Here are just a few advantages of our most HTC Advanced WiFi technology.


Key Reasons You Need HTC Advanced WiFi


  1. Hassle free service

From the moment your Advanced WiFi service begins, HTC takes care of everything. First, our installation technicians assess your home carefully to ensure your router is placed in the ideal area for maximum performance. Next, they test your Internet speed to ensure every device will be able to maintain a strong connection. And finally, they handle ongoing maintenance and even tell you how to test your speed so you always get the fastest service possible.

  1. Experts in the fastest technology

You may not understand all the technical verbiage that goes along with advanced wireless, like the fact that HTC Advanced WiFi operates at 802.11ax rates, can be mesh-enhanced, and supports robust QoS, MU-MIMO and band steering; or that it supports dual-band operation in the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands. Luckily, our experts understand it perfectly, allowing them to configure each customer’s service to suit their specific needs.

  1. GigaSpire Blast

In large homes or businesses that span multiple floors, traditional WiFi routers may not reach the farthest corners. HTC’s GigaSpire Blast has an extended range with higher efficiency, reducing lag times and preventing interruptions from nearby WiFi gateways.


Discover even more advantages of HTC’s Advanced WiFi with the Advanced WiFi App!

Would you like to view all connected devices in your home or small business network? Want to easily change network passwords and set up login info for guests? Do you wish there was a way to set up parental controls so your kids can only see age-appropriate material? It’s all possible with HTC’s Advanced WiFi app. The app is included with your Advanced WiFi service, so ask about upgrading your Internet service today!


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