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If you’ve been experiencing interruptions with your high speed Internet connection, it could be because your home or business needs a stronger router. While standard routers are effective at transmitting Internet signals in smaller structures, they can’t always reach the farthest corners of larger homes – especially those with multiple floors.

The HTC GigaSpire BLAST is a powerful, dynamic tool that allows WiFi to reach every corner of a home or business, even in larger buildings. There are quite a few advantages of Advanced WiFi with GigaSpire BLAST, including:


HTC High Speed internet is What You Need


Better Coverage

With a stronger signal, you can enjoy fewer interruptions, faster streaming, and a better Internet experience overall.

Enhanced Security
With automatic software updates delivered remotely, Advanced WiFi allows you to rest easy knowing viruses and malware will be detected quickly.

Professional Installation and Configuration

When you add Advanced WiFi to your HTC Internet plan, our technicians come to your home to install the router in the best spot for maximum performance. We then check for signal strength and interference and make any needed adjustments, and teach you how to test your speed.

Cloud Management Tools

From our office, HTC technicians can examine the quality of the connection on each individual device on your network. This allows us to determine why a laptop or gaming system is lagging, and either fix it remotely or visit in person to find a solution.

An Advanced App with Lots of Perks

Along with a stronger Internet signal, Advanced WiFi service features an app that allows you to see what’s happening within your network. The number of connected devices and speed test results are visible from your phone, and you can even set up parental controls and change passwords for ultimate privacy.


Ask HTC About Adding Advanced WiFi

There’s no reason to keep struggling with slow Internet service. We have a dynamic tool available that can enhance your surfing, streaming, and gaming experience. Give us a call at 618-939-6112 to speak with a customer service representative.


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