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Are you frustrated with slow, lagging Internet service? Did you know you can get a stronger WiFi signal with broader coverage, just by calling HTC? It’s true! The GigaSpire BLAST is a powerful Advanced WiFi router made to deliver the strongest, fastest connection possible throughout your home, and is monitored directly from our HTC offices.


HTC Advanced WiFi for Every Corner of Your Home


How does Advanced WiFi work?

Our Advanced WiFi program starts when experienced technicians install the router in your home. Strategic placement allows the GigaSpire router signal to reach every floor and every corner equally, so there will be no more slowdowns on certain devices or in certain rooms. Then, our team provides maintenance of the system by delivering software updates remotely, performing speed tests remotely, and viewing all connected devices – you guessed it – remotely. That means any time you have questions about your WiFi performance, you can simply contact us and we can fix your issue without having to come to your home!

Advanced WiFi also comes with a FREE CommandIQ App that lets you manage parental controls, set up a guest network, run a speed test, view details on connected devices, and reset your own WiFi ID and password.


Why do I need Advanced WiFi?

The GigaSpire BLAST is beneficial in homes where WiFi devices tend to be spread out or where a lot of devices are used at once. For instance, if you work in an office on the east side of the main floor, and your son streams movies in his bedroom on the west side of the second floor, and your daughter likes to game in the basement, chances are someone isn’t going to be happy if you have a standard WiFi router. HTC’s Advanced WiFi system is made to send out a strong, broad signal that can reach farther and handle more devices at once so everyone gets equal coverage; and then allows us to monitor your connection at all times. This way when you have an Internet problem, you’re not waiting around for a technician to come over before you can upload a file or stream a video. Instead, you can just call us and we’ll fix it from where we are.


Want to know more about the GigaSpire BLAST? Just ask!

We’re always happy to tell customers all about our Advanced WiFi. Just give us a call at 939-6112 and we’ll help you determine if you are a good candidate for this service.


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