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What household doesn’t want access to all the best in programming. Whether for kids, tweens, teens or parents, we all love to watch our favorite shows, movies, news, sports, documentaries and more. There is a whole world of entertainment and programming that is sure to cover the broadest of family desires. And, now it is as easy as ever to bring those shows to your home and devices! Need more convincing? Here are some additional reasons to sign up for HTC TV NOW streaming TV today!

HTC TV NOW Streaming TV: The Best in Programming


It Is A Great Value

Streaming with HTC TV NOW starts at a low monthly price and you can easily add premium channels to ensure you get the networks and shows that you love the most. Plus, you also get 50 FREE TiVo channels with any HTC TV NOW subscription, making this an even more affordable plan to please everyone in your household.


Everyone in the House Can Enjoy Their Show

With HTC TV NOW, all you need is an Apple, Android, Amazon Fire TV, tablet or smart device to watch in whatever room you want to watch. The kids can watch Marvel movies in their room, you can watch the Redbirds  in your room, or the whole family can enjoy something together.


It’s Customizable

With HTC TV NOW streaming TV, you only get — and pay for — the channels you want. For instance, HTC TV NOW’s Value plus Family plan gets the kids access to Disney Junior and Boomerang. You can also record and save your favorite shows with 100 hours of DVR storage!


Add and Subtract Channels to Your Heart’s Content

Streaming TV with HTC means you’re not stuck in a long contract, and you will always reach a friendly customer support representative at HTC who will actually listen. No more headaches to make changes to your account!


What About Local Channels?

Don’t worry. You can always watch local news and favorite network stations. Even our starter package has KTVI, KMOV, KSDK, KPLR, and KDNL.


When You’re Ready to Make the Switch to Streaming, Give Us a Call

If you have questions about HTC TV NOW, contact us. Getting HTC TV NOW is as easy as Sign-up, Download the app and then sit back and enjoy. Have questions? Our local support team is here to help!


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