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Ten years ago, you may have had an iPad and two smart phones in your home, but chances are that number has tripled by now if you have multiple family members. In fact, research shows that today’s U.S. household has around 22 connected devices, making faster and more stable WiFi more important than ever. In order to avoid frozen screens and frustrating service lags, you may want to upgrade your WiFi router to a GigaSpire BLAST router. Here’s what it can do for you.

GigaSpire BLAST: Upgrade Your WiFi Router Today


  1. Compatible with the Latest Devices

Technology is always changing when it comes to smartphones, laptops, gaming systems, smart TVs, and smart home devices. Upgrading to a newer WiFi router ensures the newest devices will operate at their capabilities and all stay connected to your network at once.

  1. Better Range

Maybe your kids who used to stream movies in the living room have now taken over the basement TV. Or, you’ve begun working remote from an upstairs office. GigaSpire BLAST transmits WiFi signals through walls and other barriers to reach every corner of your home. It’s the best way to reduce dropped connections and have the strongest signal in every room.

  1. Improved Software and Hardware

This goes along with making sure your connection is stable. GigaSpire BLAST is built with faster processors and more memory to prevent network congestion that’s common with old routers. Having a new router really means a better user experience altogether.

  1. Increased Security

Using the Internet always opens yourself up to vulnerability. Older routers don’t have the same encryption features that the newest routers do, so cybercriminals and viruses are still able to get through. GigaSpire BLAST provides enhanced protection against hacking and unauthorized access to your network.

  1. Enhanced Features that Let You Control Your Network

With parental controls and the ability to set up guest networks and passwords, you get to stay in control of what’s being watched in your home. And since GigaSpire BLAST includes cloud management, you won’t have to spend time troubleshooting. Instead, our technicians can examine the quality of the connection to an individual device on your network, and fix it from our offices.


Upgrade to GigaSpire BLAST Today!

If you’re experiencing slow or unreliable WiFi connections, it may be time to upgrade. You and everyone in your home will enjoy faster speed, better range, and an overall better Internet experience with a new improved router. Call us today at 618-939-6112 to schedule an appointment.


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