Girls on Tablet

With National Read an eBook Week March 3-9, it’s a great time to learn about the advantages of electronic reading and the advantages of HTC high-speed Internet. EBooks are available for download on tablets such as Nook, Kindle, or iPad, and with countless adventures available, you’re sure to find plenty of stories for everyone in your household. And with HTC’s high-speed Internet, the benefits of eBooks (and other steaming services) are quickly and easily enjoyed.

If you’re used to reading traditional paper books, we get it! But there are some definite perks to electronic reading that you may like to know about.

  • Instant reading. You don’t have to drive to the library or a store, or even wait for an online order to ship. An eBook shows up directly on your tablet as soon as you download it, especially if you have HTC’s high-speed Internet.
  • Affordable or free. Since there are no printing fees associated with eBooks, it’s cheaper to use our high-speed Internet to download the same title you’ve been surveying in stores. Many of them are even available at no cost!
  • Great for travel. Both hard back and paperback books are heavy, so they can really weigh you down if you’re lugging several titles at once. With eBooks, you can tote a whole library with you on a single lightweight device.

Finally, as we turn the corner into warmer months, start thinking about all the great eBooks you can read to begin planning your summer vacation! Use HTC’s high-speed Internet to find a few vacation planning eBooks, surf some vacation planning sites, and start downloading all the fun you can find!