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These days, technology is what keeps us connected to everyone and everything. At home or in the office, HTC provides the most dependable communications services so you can stay in touch with family or colleagues. You can rely on HTC’s high speed Internet service and phone service for both your business and your home to keep you connected!

Business Collaboration

When you have employees working in your office or at remote sites, it’s important to keep everyone in the loop about what’s happening. HTC’s fast business Internet service lets you:

  • Have glitch-free face-to-face discussions through video conferencing.
  • Upload and download large files for sharing within seconds.
  • Take advantage of cloud technology, which allows for working in one master document simultaneously.
  • Reduce travel costs. When you can get face-to-face online and share files quickly, it’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on employee flights and hotels!

Family Life

Whether you have kids living at home or away at college, it’s hard not knowing what they’re doing every second. Dependable HTC Internet service gives you peace of mind that they’re okay no matter what time of day.

  • Keep the family connected. Use the HTC Managed WiFi in your home on tablets and mobile devices to launch important apps like Find My iPhone, Find Friends or Life 360 and have piece of mind to know your crew is safe and sound. Enjoy a better WiFi experience to run these and so many other great informative apps that help to keep your family connected – all delivered via HTC Internet.
  • See their sweet faces wherever they are. Since hearing a voice over HTC phone service isn’t always enough, use Skype and Facetime to look at your kids in person in their dorms or on spring break. With dependable Internet service, you don’t have to worry about the screen pausing while they’re telling an exciting story.

Make the Most of HTC Technology. Ask About Bundling!

To combine all your dependable communications services, ask about our residential or business bundles. You’ll get lightning fast Internet service, crystal clear phone service, and all your favorite TV channels for one lower monthly price!