Let’s face it: Whether you run a doctor’s office, you provide automotive services, or you operate a coffee shop, your customers don’t like to take a lot of time out of their busy day. With a fast, dependable WiFi connection from HTC, you can keep your guests satisfied and entertained while they wait. Here are some benefits to having HTC’s reliable, fast WiFi connection:

  • Allow them to stay connected to their business. Customers feel more at ease if they can remain in the loop while away from the office, and reliable guest Internet service allows them to check email, share spreadsheets or work in Google docs just as they would at work.
  • Keep them entertained. Time really does fly when guests are having fun, so make sure customers are able to enjoy watching videos or browsing the latest celebrity gossip on their phones without having to use their own data.
  • Entice them to stay longer. With free, dependable WiFi, the guest who came in for coffee can easily turn into a lunch customer. Freelancers and college students are always looking for a comfortable place to settle in, and if they love being at your business, they’ll spread the word. You may even want to display a sign to draw new customers in!

Ask an HTC Representative How You Can Improve Your Customers’ Experience

If you’d like to offer reliable WiFi to your guests, just ask HTC. We’ll help you determine the proper router and the best speed package to satisfy your customers’ needs. We’ll do all we can to keep your customers happy so your business can succeed!