We’ve come a long way since having to print each document we needed to share with co-workers or fly across the country to have a meeting. Today, email allows us to save on the cost of paper while teleconferencing and other technical advancements reduce the need for travel expenses. Dependable high-speed Internet is yet another way technology helps save on costs while making your office more environmentally friendly, so if you’re not taking full advantage of what your business Internet service can do for you, keep reading for ideas!


1) Create a Paperless Office – Greatly Reduce the Need for Printing or Mailing!  

Printing hundreds of files per month is a big paper AND money waster, especially when storing electronic files is so much easier than using a filing cabinet. With HTC High-Speed Business Internet, you and your employees can easily upload, email, and download electronic files. And with digital editing tools such as Google Docs, it’s easy to collaborate on proposals and more from different desks and even different offices! Afraid to store important lengthy documents on your computer? Take advantage of  cloud storage providers such as Dropbox for Business or Amazon S3.  

2) Virtual Meetings to Reduce Travel Expenses AND Save Valuable Time

Efficient face-to-face meetings with clients and co-workers are vital however, it doesn’t make sense to pay to fly or drive long distances for a two-hour meeting. Hosting teleconferences or video conferences can accomplish the same thing as an in-person meeting and saves time, money, fuel and valuable company resources. Simply share documents you need to discuss via email, then jump online using ClickMeeting or Skype for Business. Talk to your HTC representative about HTC High-Speed Business Internet service capabilities that will support your seamless videoconferencing needs.

3) Allow Our Customers to Work Remotely

Thanks to HTC High-Speed Business Internet service, many work tasks can be done remotely just as efficiently as in the office. Allowing telecommuting makes your company greener by reducing fuel consumption, and also cuts energy usage and expenses at your brick and mortar location. Plus, according to this article from Forbes, employees who work from home show increased productivity.


It’s never a bad time to discuss how your business can be more productive and environmentally friendly. So, if you have questions on how to go paperless, facilitate videoconferencing, or make telecommuting possible, give our locally based support team a call! Our team of friendly professionals is always willing to help.