Harrisonville Telephone Company GigaSpire Blast high speed internet

If you’re experiencing slow, lagging WiFi, you may not have a strong enough router. In larger homes, traditional routers can’t always reach far enough to deliver a strong signal, but HTC’s GigaSpire Blast is built with cutting edge technology to reach every corner.


GigaSpire Blast: more control, security and enhanced experience


Ask yourself the following questions to find out if GigaSpire BLAST is right for your home.

Do I want a better online experience?

Since GigaSpire Blast reaches farther, it offers improved coverage and simultaneous data streams. This means even if your daughter is watching Netflix upstairs, your son is gaming in the basement, and you’re in a Zoom meeting, you’ll all be satisfied with your WiFi’s performance.

Do I need enhanced security?

Using the Internet opens up your home to a variety of online predators. GigaSpire Blast delivers unclonable function technology and automatic software updates remotely to ensure your network is always secure.

Do I want more control over how my WiFi is being used?

GigaSpire Blast includes a FREE CommandIQ App which allows you to place parental controls on your WiFi service. You can also view all connected devices and even change your WiFi password to ensure only approved users have Internet access.


Ready for the Ultimate Upgrade? Ask HTC About GigaSpire Blast!

To get the most out of your Internet, you may need a stronger signal. Our expert technicians can tell you whether our premium router can deliver a better WiFi experience for everyone in your home. Call us today at 618-939-6112.


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