How to clean your internet browser cache

If you’ve noticed your browser taking longer to retrieve search results, it could be due to a simple problem you can fix yourself. Too much data may be stored in your browser’s cache, which can slow down your Internet. We’ll explain what your cache does, why you should clear it regularly, and how to clear it so you can speed up your searches and even improve your privacy.

Clean Your Cache for a Faster Internet

What is a cache, and why should I clear it?

Every time you browse the web on your device, data from the sites you visit is stored on your hard drive so it can remember that information the next time you visit. This stored data is called your “cache,” and it’s a good thing because it allows your browser to take less time to load the pages you visit frequently. But there are a few good reasons to clear that data, including:

Accessing up-to-date websites. When you visit the same site often, your browser will pull it up quickly because it’s been there before. But if updates are made to that site and your cache continues to point your browser to the old version, you may miss some great new stuff. Clearing your cache allows you to see the newest versions of every site.
Unclogging your hard drive. Your device’s hard drive only has so much room to store data, so when it gets too full, it can slow things down. Clearing the cache can help your browser move a little faster.
Reducing viruses and malware. Cybercriminals know how to sneak malicious viruses into your browser’s cache where you’d probably never find them. By periodically clearing the cache, you can remove harmful viruses and malware before they cause too much damage to your device.
Keeping your information private. We’ve all heard that everything we search for is collected by big tech companies. This can be convenient since it puts content in your news feed that’s relevant to your interests. But it can also be really annoying to see ads constantly popping up for things you may or may not want to buy. Clearing your cache helps keep your interests under wraps so this doesn’t happen as often.


How do I clear my cache?
No matter what brand of device you’re using, there’s a way to clear your cache.

Windows Computers
Pressing “Ctrl + Shift + Del” should take you to a window where you can select “clear cache” or something similar.

Apple Computers
Pressing “Command + Shift + Del” should allow you to clear the cache quickly.

If keyboard shortcuts don’t work, or you simply prefer not to use them, try these steps in the browser you’re using:

Google Chrome
1. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the browser window.
2. Scroll down to “Settings”
3. Under Privacy and Security, click on “Clear Browsing Data.”
4. In the Time Range drop-down menu, select “All time.”
5. Uncheck everything except “Cached Images and Files.”
6. Click “Clear Data.”
Note that you can customize any of this if there is any recent data you wish to keep.

On the keyboard, “Option + Command + E” should work, but you can also do this:
1. Choose “Develop” from the menu at the top of the screen.
2. Select “Empty Caches.”
Note that you can’t choose the time frame as you can on Chrome.

If you use another browser such as Firefox or Microsoft Edge, they also have simple instructions that are easily accessible for clearing your cache.


Clearing Your Cache Can’t Fix Everything
While clearing your browser’s cache can benefit your device’s performance and improve privacy, it isn’t the solution for a slow Internet connection, and it’s definitely not the only measure you should be taking to protect your personal information.

If you find that even after clearing your cache, your connection is slow, contact an HTC representative. We can make suggestions such as moving your router or upgrading your Internet plan to a faster speed. We also offer SecureIT Web Security software that provides world-class security, personal data backup, and keeps your personal info private for only $5.99 per month. Call us any time to discover how you can improve your HTC Internet experience!