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You may be familiar with the purpose of routers. They serve as gatekeepers to wireless Internet access, transmitting Internet data to smart TVs, mobile phones, and laptops. And, if your home is like most, your family relies on the Internet for nearly everything… all day long. So, if your home has devices spread out in different rooms that are surfing, gaming, streaming movies, sending files for work or a myriad of other tasks, you need the best possible WiFi solution available. Add other Smart home devices like doorbells and refrigerators into the mix, and your current router has to work even harder. However, there is a solution that is guaranteed to keep everyone in your home, and all of your devices, running as smoothly as expected.


GigaSpire BLAST for a Strong Home Internet


Are you looking for fast, reliable strong WiFi for your home? Enter GigaSpire BLAST. It’s a powerful router that allows WiFi to reach every corner of your home, no matter the size or number of levels. Where other routers might experience interruptions when blocked by a brick wall or other obstructions, GigaSpire BLAST is capable of blasting through those obstacles to deliver a strong, reliable signal to your entire household. Here are a few of the many advantages of HTC’s Advanced WiFi with GigaSpire BLAST:


Simultaneous Data Streams

Since GigaSpire BLAST reaches farther, you’ll experience improved coverage even when multiple devices are using the Internet. You won’t have to worry about your work Zoom meeting freezing up while your son is watching Netflix upstairs and your daughter is gaming in the basement.


Enhanced Security

You don’t have to worry about online predators trying to steal your data or infect your laptop. GigaSpire BLAST comes with remote automatic software updates to ensure your network is always secure.


Cloud Management

Say goodbye to trying to figure out why your WiFi is down or running slowly. From our office, HTC technicians can examine the quality of the connection on each device on your network. This allows us to either fix it remotely or if necessary, visit in person to find a solution.


Professional, Friendly, Local Service

When you add Advanced WiFi with GigaSpire BLAST, our technicians come to your home to install the router in the best spot for maximum performance. We then check for signal strength and interference and teach you how to test your speed. And if you ever need us after that, we’re right around the corner.


Control Over How Your WiFi is Used

GigaSpire Blast includes a FREE CommandIQ App that gives you a snapshot of all the devices being used in your network. You can enable and disable certain applications, place parental controls on your WiFi service, and change your WiFi password to ensure only approved users have Internet access. It’s a great tool for any parent’s peace of mind.


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